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News | Fairytale Brownies Celebrates 25 Years With New Look (& Giveaway!)

Posted on: September 13th, 2017 by Taryn Jeffries No Comments

Guys! Fairytale Brownies has a brand new look and they are celebrating like none other!

Fairytale Brownies Celebrates 25 years with rebrand and giveaway! (2)This year marks Fairytale Brownies’ 25th year of mixing up your favorite local sweet treats. To “sweeten” the celebration you can get your hot little hands on a dozen free brownies just by following them on Instagram  looking for our FTB post and tagging a buddy to share those handheld heavenly bites with!

Want to learn a little bit more about the brand? How about learning 24 things?? Check out these fascinating Fairytale facts and then head over to Insta for your chance to win! (Make sure you don’t skip #7…and let me know if you need my mailing address! And if you’re looking for a new career, peep #23!)

Do you have your own Fairytale  Brownies memory? Let me know about it!

25 Delicious Fairytale Brownies Facts

1.     Dreamed up by two kids on a playground | This booming brownie biz began in the minds of two kids on a playground. Now, they’re running a gourmet treat empire.

2.     The Next Chapter |  It’s been 10 years since the last brand makeover and Fairytale is stoked for a fresh new look for the next 10+ years! “Bright, bold and built for the social media age,” said co-founder Eileen Spitalny. “Little brown squares never looks so good!”

3.     Wow, That’s A Bold Look! |  Why the new look? Because we’re honored to stand out in the mailbox and online, just like our products! Brownies are super fun and so is our new vibe!

4.     It’s A Big Deal | No seriously. Head to and score 25% off a special collection of fan-selected favorites! Use code “ABIGDEAL.”

5.     Brownie Giveaways | Throughout the month of September, follow us on social media for big brownie giveaways!

6.     “Alexa, reorder Fairytale Brownies, NOW!” |  We’re on!

7.     Never-Ending Brownies? |  Just one more thing to add to your subscription addiction. Stay tuned for the launch of our new subscription program and we’ll deliver the bottomless bowl of brownies of your dreams!

8.     191 Employees |  In peak holiday season, we’ve got a crew of 191 bakers, packers, shippers and staffers who pour all their love and good vibes into every box of brownies!

9.     All The Awards |  OK, not to brag here but our brownies have been featured in The New York Times, The Food Network, USA Today, and earned close to 20 top awards worldwide.

10.   60 MILLION Brownies | We couldn’t believe it either when we sat down and did the math. Since 1992, we’ve baked more than 60 MILLION brownies. And no, we never get tired of the choco-tastic aroma here in the bakery.

11.   #OMGbrownies | If you’re not following us on social, you should be because #OMGbrownies. ‘Nuff said!

12.   Changing Recipes? |   Nope. Don’t even think about it – we wouldn’t dare change the award-winning (secret) brownie recipes that fans have loved forever! Our brownies are proudly baked with imported Belgian chocolate, fluffy cake flour, farm fresh eggs and real creamery butter using a secret family recipe.

13.   FREE SHIPPING! |  Paying for shipping is sooo 2016. So let us worry about getting these awesome goodies to your doorstep while you just start dreaming of that first bite!

14.   Who’s The Fave? |  Hands down, our Chocolate Chip brownie is our biggest seller and fan favorite. Wanna try? Just ask! We’ll send samples to our media pals any day.

15.   Let’s Play |  We’re crazy about kids! Countless kids have played on the many playgrounds that we’ve helped to build with our non-profit partner KaBOOM!

16.   Like, Crazy Busy | During the holiday season, we move up to 15,000 hand packed brownie gifts out the door each day, with a team of 70 shippers working around the clock.

17.   Brownies Your Way |  Make your next luxe gift experience extra personal by featuring your brand, graphic, photo or message alongside our new look.

18.   New Name? | The logo order is different but nope! We are Fairytale Brownies, forever. We’re simply stacking the logo to emphasize our core product and our #1 spot in the marketplace! We’re brownies first!

19.   When’s it happening? | We’re in Phase No. 2 of 10 right now. Over the next 12 months, we’ll be phasing in new, brighter packaging and joyfully designed elements to bring even more “wow” upon arrival, just like the “wow” that’s inside the box. The product transition should be complete by Fall 2018!

20.   Where’s the brownie guy? |  After a star studded career of 25 years baking up the best brownies, our little friend is making plans for an exotic beach vacation!

21.   Crazy for Cookies | You’re already madly in love with our brownies, ready to go crazy for our cookies? You guessed it, still from scratch.

22.   Bangin’ Bars | So we’ve sold you on our brownies and cookies, but how about our bars? Oh wait, is that your shopping cart filling up? Our bad.

23.   Dream Job: Fairytale Taste Tester | No joke, coming soon to

24.   The Next 25 Years | As if this wasn’t enough for you, just wait.

Now go follow FTB and be one step closer to your free brownies!! I will annuonce a winner on 9/20/17!

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