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Review | How I Lost 10 Pounds in 10 Days Eating Keto With Fran’s Kitchen

Posted on: August 20th, 2018 by Taryn Jeffries No Comments

Eatin­­­­g healthy is hard, especially when you’re a busy working mother. When I had the opportunity to partner up with Fran’s Kitchen I jumped at the chance.

Photo Credit : Fran’s Kitchen

What Is Fran’s Kitchen

Fran’s Kitchen is a meal plan service and they offer a variety of meal plans as well as nutritional coaching. Eating Keto and Paleo are incredibly popular right now. Whether people are looking to lose weight quickly or to get a jumpstart into a healthier lifestyle these programs offer quick results and some serious health benefits.

Fran’s Kitchen was originally created because of Fran’s, the owner, personal experience with cancer. She was unwilling to accept her diagnosis and searched for ways to heal her body from the inside out. She found that, in her specific circumstances, she was able to heal her body with dietary changes. With such amazing results she wanted to help others have a second line of defense when battling illnesses as well as a delicious option for individuals looking to get healthier, regardless of their motivations. 

Fran's Kitchen meal plan
Photo Credit : Fran’s Kitchen

What Kinds of Programs Do Fran’s Kitchen Provide?

Fran can really do it all, but the main programs offered are detox, keto, paleo and anti-inflammatory meal plans. Every individual that reaches out for meal plan assistance will go through a personal assessment with a nutritional coach. Here you will talk about your specific goals, likes and dislikes and the frequency of meal delivery. Let’s break down the different plans:

Detox Program

The detox program allows participants to start to break the cycle of bad eating habits. Whether you are looking to get off caffeine or sugar, detoxing the liver  and your fat cells is imperative. Your nutritional coach will take all the guesswork out of calorie counting and serving sizes and provide you with everything you need to make your detox successful. You can enroll for a five or 10-day detox based on your specific needs.

During my three-day detox I had two delicious smoothies made with organic fruits and then a heart salad with perfectly roasted vegetables and roasted chicken. Those salads were my favorite part of the day and I found it interesting that I was so satiated by this simple but flavorful salad.

It’s the perfect introduction to the other meal plans that Fran’s offers. 

Keto Program

Keto is probably one of the most difficult ways of eating; limited carbs, no sugar and a delicate balance of fats and proteins. This is the plan that I opted for, mainly because I had tried it before on my own and was quick to get discouraged based on the complex nature of counting macros and having to scrutinize every nutritional label (you’d be shocked at how many products contain even trace amount of sugar and carbs!) In order to make keto work for you it’s necessary to log everything you take into your body to ensure that your percentage of proteins, carbs and fats are aligned perfectly. It’s not easy…unless you get Fran’s Kitchen in your corner.

If you go into the program with the right mindset, it really is easy. I was provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner along with two snacks. I can tell you that I was never hungry. While I did have days that I would see a co-worker with their Shake Shack Postmates delivery and was pining over those cheesy fries, but I did not cave. I ate my hormone, additive-free organic and locally sourced meals and was proud of myself every day.

Paleo and Anti-Inflammatory Program

The Paleo way of eating focuses mainly on a nutrient-dense whole food diet. You’ll eat an array of seafood, eggs, meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, herbs and spices and some healthy fats. You’re required to steer clear of processed or boxed and packaged foods. The thought process is that if you’re eating the wholesome foods, fresh from the source there’s no need to count calories or carefully portion out your food.

So, What Did I Eat for 10 Days?

I had so many exciting dishes. Seriously. If you’ve been here for a minute or two you’ve likely learned that I’m a really great eater but all that cooking business? I leave that to the pros…or my husband and occasionally my 13-year-old son. If I would have been attempting to feed myself, it would have equated to a ton of eggs and some grilled veggies and some chicken here and there. I ate so well and could taste the quality and flavor in every bite.

I had things like almond porridge. A California omelet, eggs Florentine and a Paleo breakfast (fluffy scrambled eggs with sautéed cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and turkey bacon.)

For lunch I enjoyed grilled steak tacos with an almond flour tortilla, grilled steak strips with roasted cauliflower and squash with almond flour tortilla chips and salsa, a chicken bowl with cauliflower rice, avocado and cherry tomatoes and there were even some turkey burger sliders with celery root and bacon balls complete with cucumber and jicama spears.

For dinner I sampled things like a spaghetti dinner with complete with zoodles and a perfectly herbaceous marinara sauce, fajitas with those gorgeous almond flour tortillas again and so much more.

My snacks ranged from chocolate and chocolate chip cookies, organic raw almonds and walnuts as well as perfect little meatballs with roasted veggies and fresh organic blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. 

I honestly cannot think of anything that I didn’t like or wouldn’t have been pleased to have had again. Based on my intake with Fran she knew the things that I wasn’t a huge fan of and made sure to leave those out of my dishes. Meals came delivered fresh and ready to eat or refrigerate every Friday and Tuesday.

So, How Much is This Going to Cost Me?

It’s my belief that when you’re looking to provide yourself with self-care and really commit yourself to healing your body, price shouldn’t be an issue. In addition to that, I am not independently wealthy and have a whole bunch of kids that need to be cared for and bills that need to be paid, so I know affordability is an issue. Fran’s Kitchen offers a variety of plans that include a complete daily menu, 7 days a week to plans that are just a few meals a day and a few days a week.

It’s my belief that if you’re on a budget, even the reduced meal plans are going to be a benefit. You’ll start to have a better idea of what portion sizes should look like, the breakdown of protein to veg and more importantly, you are going to start to feel amazing which is priceless.

A whole new way of eating and living is just a phone call away. Fran’s Kitchen chefs and nutrition coaches are ready to get you on the right track with an amazing array of dishes with complex flavor profiles and texture contrast filled with the nutritional composition to quickly, effortlessly and deliciously get you in the best shape of your life. 

Curious? Get your own assessment now and treat yourself to healthy, organic food and a great new start!

*I received 10 days of complimentary meals in return for my honest review. All opinions and comments are my own.*

About the Author - Taryn Jeffries

Editor and Chief Eating Officer of PhoenixBites, 2017 Food Writer of the Year (Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame) Taryn grew up in a small town in Illinois with a doting Grandmother who taught her the way around a kitchen and that food is representative of love. Her current quest is to find the love in local dishes and the chefs behind them. In addition to running all things PhoenixBites, Taryn is also a freelance writer, sharing her insight on the best dishes and where to get them each and every month.

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