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About PhoenixBites

What is PhoenixBites?

PhoenixBites is an award-winning online publication and a comprehensive local dining guide providing food lovers of all degrees with the latest news on the culinary scene in Arizona. Featuring all things food-related, you’ll find anything from local restaurant news, reviews, menu specials, interviews with chefs, culinary event announcements, and everything in between. If you’re looking for the best Arizona restaurants, the hottest news along with fun features that will help you get to know our great Arizona chefs; we’ve got you covered! We want you to know all of the best Arizona restaurants and provide insight on all the places you just can’t miss.

Founded in August of 2010, PhoenixBites was created to build a community of food-lovers in our city, and to bring people together through our experiences. We want to be a part of your dining experience whether it be by inspiration through our own culinary journey or by sharing a glass of wine across a dinner table.

Who We Are

We are honest and transparent. We often get invited to try out new menus or restaurants before the general public. We will always have a disclaimer when this happens. Please know that just because we attend a hosted dinner, that doesn’t mean that we are going to say that it is amazing just because we got our meal for free. We share our opinions based on our experiences and will never hide the fact that we received a free dinner. If you haven’t got integrity, you haven’t got much of anything.

We are lovers of all things food. We love everything from the highest rated restaurant in Arizona to the greasy spoon down the street from our house. We’ll try it all and tell you about it.

Who We Aren’t

We aren’t food critics. We’re just everyday people that love great food and trying new things. We have no special training other than some crazy social media and SEO ninja skills. We also aren’t critics in the sense that we aren’t critical. From all of our years speaking with Chefs and hanging out in brand-spanking-new restaurants, we know that it takes all of your heart, passion, soul, time and money to open and run a restaurant. We would never want something that we say to have a negative affect on someone’s livelihood. We do promise that if we have a weird or less than stellar experience, we will address is directly with the restaurant and not broadcast it to the world without any attempt to fix it.

Part of our mission is to support local business, not tear them down. There are tons of people in the world that are more than capable of doing that, but we follow the advice that our Grandmothers gave us. “If you don’t have anything nice to say…”

Meet the Faces Behind PhoenixBites

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