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FBAZ – Food Bloggers of Arizona

FBAZ (Food Bloggers of Arizona) is a community created by Taryn Jeffries, Editor and Chief Eating Officer of PhoenixBites, LLC.

The community is made up of food writers located in Arizona and boasts in excess of 250 members. The community members are encouraged to share their articles three times a week and can crowd-source for leads and suggestions for upcoming articles. This is also a space for updates and tips on breaking technological news along with suggestions on how to improve certain elements of member’s individual sites.

Taryn has also implemented monthly Food Tours in which the writers are invited to visit a new restaurant or food purveyor in small groups. The small groups ensure that no one individual from the group gets lost in the crowd and allows the Chef or Purveyor to make unique connections with each attendee.

“I firmly believe in a shared community and helping one another out. This may not be a popular opinion with some, but I feel that each member of our community has a unique perspective and writing voice. The collective goal is to promote the great culinary scene that we have in the Valley by providing a unique chance for writers to forge relationships with restaurant owners, chefs and food producers. The FBAZ Food Tours are the perfect opportunity for these connections and providing new and seasoned writers with interesting content for their readers”, Taryn shared.

If you are interested in working with Taryn to coordinate an FBAZ Food Tour, please reach out to info@PhoenixBites.com

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