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Dining Guide | 6 of the Best Truffle Dishes in Scottsdale

Posted on: February 10th, 2016 by Taryn Jeffries No Comments

Ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars per pound, truffles are the most expensive mushroom you’ll likely come in contact with. With such a hefty price tag they have become synonymous with elegance and extravagance along with foie gras, Wagyu beef, and caviar.  With the expense and intensity of flavor these diamonds of the kitchen are used sparingly; too much and you’ve put a lot of money on a plate that may not be palatable to most and too little and, well, what’s the point?

Whether sliced and placed delicately atop a beautiful dish or infused in oil to enhance the flavors and aroma of a dish, we have found some of the most tantalizing and creative use of truffles in some of your favorite local restaurants, without the help of a trained pig. So feast your eyes and taste buds on these decadent dishes and prepare for a treat.

6 of the Best Truffle Dishes in Scottsdale

Bourbon Steak
7575 E. Princess Drive| Scottsdale| 480.513.6002
Chef Michael Mina has created a space that exudes contemporary luxury. His bold menu is filled with many options created from the finest ingredients available and takes familiar dishes and elevates them to a whole new level. The best truffle-focused decision you can make is to order the Maine lobster pot pie; with a hefty price tag, you may need a little encouragement as to its value. First, they boast that the dish hosts about two pounds of lobster, so that’s a lovely place to start. Your dish will arrive in a copper pot topped with puff pastry which your server will then remove and place in front of you. Next, the pot contents, a combination of lobster, silky brandied cream, and spring vegetables along with truffle oil, will be ladled on top of your pastry. The rich lobster along with the heady cream are perfect on their own, but the truffle oil adds to the aroma and intensifies all of these great flavors creating a heavenly dish to warm your soul.

6 of the Best Truffle Dishes in Scottsdale: Bourbon Steak

4000 N. Drinkwater Blvd.| Scottsdale| 480.970.4444
Distrito is all about celebrating the cuisine and culture of Mexico City with classic dishes and contemporary twists on familiar flavors. A testament to that is that only Chef Jose Garces can take what is, essentially, the Mexican interpretation of flatbread and combine the perfect flavor components that allow one to fall in love with something called corn smut. The huarache de hongos is masa flatbread topped with roasted mushrooms, corn shoots, queso mixto, black truffle and a little something amazing called huitlacoche. Huitlacoche (the aforementioned corn smut) is oftentimes referred to as the Mexican truffle. It’s essentially a fungus that grows on corn but has been found to be perfectly safe and sought after. The nutty and earthy flavors mimic that of truffles and are the perfect complement in a savory dish such as this, creating a fungi trifecta.

6 of the Best Truffle Dishes in Scottsdale: Distrito

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Steak
15323 N. Scottsdale Road| Scottsdale| 480.730.4800
There is no debating that, for a meat-lover, a perfectly done steak is a thing to behold and Eddie V’s has garnered a reputation on providing perfectly executed steaks night after night. There are few things that can raise the bar on a perfectly melt-in-your-mouth steak experience and that is what makes an appearance on top of or alongside your cut of choice. Topping a steak with foie gras sounds delightful as does a deep and luxurious truffled Madeira sauce. Combine the two and you’ve got a symphony on a plate. The complexity of the velvety Madeira sauce, rich with pepper flavors and a hint of sweetness from the wine marries with the rich heady flavors and textures of the foie gras. This dish is the epitome of opulence.

Kazimierz World Wine Bar
7137 E. Stetson Drive| Scottsdale| 480.946.3004
Kazimierz evokes the warm and inviting feel of a European wine bistro with the ambient lighting, dark colors and billowing world music all around you. Perfect for a refined meet up with friends or a romantic night out for two, the space is inviting and comfortable no matter who you meet here. The menu caters to conversation, nothing too heavy, and consists of small plates just waiting to be paired with your favored wine. The offered flatbreads provide a variety of adornments, but the for the truffle lover you’ll find the Willamette flatbread a real treat. The crust is the perfect consistency; not too thick or thin with just the right bite. Its topped with shitake and oyster mushrooms along with creamy Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, thyme and then drizzled with truffle oil. The sweetness of the onions and the earthiness of the mushrooms pair perfectly with the truffle oil providing that unique umami flavor that is easier to experience than to describe.

6 of the Best Truffle Dishes in Scottsdale: Kazimierz World Wine Bar

photo courtesy of Eric Steinlage Photography

Marcellino Ristorante
7114 E. Stetson Drive| Scottsdale| 480.990.9500
Marcellino’s is an upscale Italian restaurant that is warm and inviting without being too still. You’ll find the décor is typical of what you would expect; red and cream interior exposed brick and soft lighting. The menu is approachable and not overly complicated and you’ll find some of the best hand-made pasta in the area. A true treat to start your meal off with are their canestina di polenta ai funghi. This dish begins with crispy grilled polenta squares that are delicately placed on top of one another, creating the perfect nest for the perfectly seasoned mushrooms they will be topped with. The juices from the mushrooms soften the polenta, not too much, and then truffle oil is laced on top of the whole dish, creating a warm, elegant presentation of basic flavors exalted bite after bite.

6 of the Best Truffle Dishes in Scottsdale: Marcellino Ristorante

Roka Akor
7299 N. Scottsdale Road| Scottsdale| 480.306.8800
Roka Akor is a celebration of Robata Japanese cuisine, which is a gathering of special friends for fireside cooking. While sushi holds a very important place at Roka Akor, there is a great amount of beauty and tradition in the grilling practice, which evolved from the time-honored Japanese tea ceremony. A beautiful dish that allows for exquisite flavors that incorporate shaved truffles is their Muscovy duck breast. The rich dark meat of the duck is lightly seared and rolled around haukai turnip and huckleberry. The dish then received a generous shaving od black truffle to top it off. The sweet and mild flavor of the turnip pairs nicely with the huckleberry and is then cut with the richness of the duck and the refined flavor of the black truffle. The dish is smooth and unexpected, but something you’ll be talking about for days.

6 of the Best Truffle Dishes in Scottsdale: Roka Akor

This article was originally featured in the February 2016 issue of So Scottsdale Magazine.

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