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Spring entertaining with the KitchenAid® Diamond Blender (and a giveaway!)

Posted on: April 9th, 2014 by Amy Martin 91 Comments

With warmer temperatures and spring’s bright sunshine begging us to play outdoors, we’re craving lighter, healthier fare these days. There’s something about spending an afternoon poolside and soaking up rays that always makes me want to eat lighter, fresher meals. Winter brings big pots of comforting soups, stews and mounds of oven-roasted meats, but spring brings colorful green salads, chilled soups and frozen drinks.KitchenAid 5-Speed Diamond Blender in Crystal Blue

Whether you have elaborate plans for spring entertaining or if you’re just having a couple of friends over to chat by the pool and watch the littles play together, the KitchenAid® Diamond Blender makes whipping up warm-weather appetizers a breeze. Scroll down for a giveaway!

The blender is available in a spectrum of beautiful colors like bright Cranberry, Green Apple or spunky Tangerine, but as soon as I saw the Crystal Blue model… I melted. I love this color.

My favorite treat on warm, sunny days is anything drinkable and frozen. When I had the opportunity to try out the KitchenAid® Diamond Blender, I couldn’t wait to fill our glasses with something icy and fruity.

Add a shot of tequila and it's fit for a grown-up!I made a small batch of Frozen Strawberry Lemon-Lime Slushes for myself and the kiddo and then added a plash of Tequila and Triple Sec for a grown-up drink for the man of the house.

I used a couple cupfuls of frozen whole strawberries and even though they were pretty solid, they were no match for the capabilities of this blender!

Its motor is crazy powerful and blended up frozen fruits in nearly an instant. I used the blender for several smoothie recipes and never found chunks of unblended fruit at the bottom of my glass. The BPA-free diamond pitcher’s walls are very sturdy and it locks into place so securely that you don’t have to worry about the ferociousness of the motor knocking it off balance.

You’ll have 5 settings on the LED-lit interface: stir, chop, mix, puree and liquify as well as a pulse button and crush ice mode. And, its Intelli-Speed® Motor Control senses contents and maintains optimal speed to power through all ingredients.

5 settings

To pair with your frozen, fruity beverages, the blender makes whipping up salsa a breeze and it’s perfect for poolside entertaining. Also use it to make chilled soups (my favorites are Cucumber Mint and Broccoli/Arugula) and quick sauces or pesto to top grilled meats or to dress your antipasto plate.

The possibilities are endless! Check out my recipe for a Quick Blender Salsa below…


Quick Blender Salsa

*Adapted from Pioneer Woman’s recipe

28oz. can of whole tomatoes and its juice
2 cans of Mild Rotel (or Spicy if you need more of a kick)
2 limes, juiced (1 zested)
2 garlic cloves, chopped
1 small sweet onion, charred
2 Serrano peppers, charred
1/4 tsp sugar
1/4 tsp Kosher salt
1/2 tsp  ground cumin
1/4 tsp ground Ancho Chile Pepper
1/4 tsp smoked paprika
Dash cayenne, to taste
1 cup cilantro, packed

Simply put, throw all the ingredients together in your blender and puree until smooth.

But let’s walk it through too just for the fun of it…

Everything you'll need for a quick (and highly addictive) salsa

Everything you’ll need for a quick (and highly addictive) salsa

Start with your canned tomatoes. Empty them and their juices into your KitchenAid® Blender.

Zest one lime and dump that in too.

Lime zest

Squeeze in every drop of lime juice that you can get out of both of ’em.

Roughly chop 2 cloves of garlic and toss it in.

Chopped garlic

Roughly chop your onion (earlier, I had halved it and quickly charred it on the grill along with both peppers for a little bit of roasty smokiness) and both Serrano peppers and add those to the blender.

Charred onions and serrano peppers

Measure out all of your spices (perfection is not necessary… just go with what you like!) and pour those right on top. Sprinkle on a dash or two of cayenne if you like it extra spicy.

photo 4

Pile as much cilantro as you can at the top, replace the lid and blend until smooth!

photo 5

photo 1

Want one for yourself? Visit kitchenaid.com and pick your favorite color!

Giveaway Details

Wanna a chance to win one for free?! The folks at KitchenAid® are sending one lucky reader their very own KitchenAid® Diamond Blender ($149.99 value). Enter below!


We received complimentary samples to facilitate the writeup; however, our opinions are wholly our own. View our Disclosure Policy for more info.

About the Author - Amy Martin

Author of Her Plate, Amy's love of food, cooking and all things culinary keeps her endlessly plotting what her next meal will be. Her pastimes include creating in (i.e. demolishing) her own kitchen and baking far more sweets than her tiny family could ever eat.

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91 Responses

  1. healthy smoothies for me!
    great giveaway…thanks!

  2. Phong says:

    Mostly smoothies

  3. Shannon says:

    I absolutely love smoothies! This blender would be amazing to help make them in!

  4. Robert says:

    I love to make milk shakes in my blender

  5. Robin says:

    I love to make crepe batter in my blender!

  6. Jana says:

    Great giveaway! I can’t wait to try the salsa.

  7. Darla says:

    I make Smoothies almost every day. Would love to have a blender that could do a quick and good job of making them!

  8. Karen Wood says:

    Well if I loved my blender (which I don’t) I would be making lots of smoothies, shakes, nut milk and nut butter.

  9. Amy C. says:


  10. wendy c g says:

    Smooties, salsa, soups, sauces.

  11. jjmcgaffey says:

    Smoothies, and pesto.

  12. bonnie says:

    Thank you!

  13. jo skidmore says:

    I tend to make mostly smoothies in my blender because I don’t want to put savory in the blender container if it is going to “corrupt” my smoothies. However, I did make some salsa in the blender just the other night. My friend gave me a huge bunch of cilantro from his garden. What better reason to make salsa than a huge bunch of cilantro, right? And a margarita of course 🙂

  14. Sanja says:

    Ice tea, easy ice cream, frape and shake.

  15. Bretagne says:

    After having cancer I started drinking healthy juices. I would love to be able to make my own.

  16. Bretagne says:

    Also….I am a single mother of two. They love fruit juices and only fruit. I van sneek un some veggies in their smoothies!! Cost friendly AND healthy!!!!

  17. Roxanne Grove says:

    Gosh would be awesome to win this especially in Cranberry colour

  18. Meghan Finley says:

    We make soup the most

  19. Jennifer Durant says:

    Smoothies& sauces

  20. Angela says:


  21. Terri C says:

    Right now I’m using a 25 yo blender for my protein shakes. I’d love to expand to other things. Your salsa looks wonderful !

  22. Lily Sheng says:

    I would like to make cold soup!

  23. Monica Y. says:

    We like to make smoothies 🙂

  24. David Becker says:

    Smoothies and shakes!

  25. Kay Z says:

    Pesto & hummus! So a great blender is essential. I need a new one.

  26. Monica G says:

    Love to make smoothies

  27. Taryn A. says:

    i make green smoothies almost every morning. would love to have a new blender to make them with!

  28. Jasmin q. says:

    I make a lot of smoothies !!

  29. carrie says:

    Would love this for smoothies!

  30. Roxy Meto says:

    I make soup frequently !

  31. Christina Z says:

    Shakes and smoothies

  32. Julie says:

    we love to make smoothies in our 12 year old blender its on its last leg but I still use it:)

  33. Carol J. says:

    I’ll try your salsa recipe

  34. Marci says:

    Milk shakes

  35. Rust says:

    Salsa is my number one, smoothies second.

  36. lena says:


  37. AEKZ2 says:

    I like making strawberry chocolate milkshakes in my blender.


    would love to make smoothies!

  39. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Smoothies and margaritas. Your salsa looks wonderful!

  40. Nancy says:

    I like to make gazpacho in my blender. It is cool and refreshing!

  41. Deb Anderson says:

    To be honest, I’ve never had a decent blender to use for anything other than cocktails. What a joy it would be to actually have one that is a kitchen appliance and not just a drink mixer!

  42. Harrison hamada says:

    breakfast or other meal replacement smoothie

  43. Aria H. says:

    I make smoothies all the time. The salsa looks fantastic!

  44. Janice Cooper says:

    I l love making milkshakes and smoothies

  45. Chuck says:

    smoothies but I’m starting to get fat from too much good fruit so I’m gonna have to come up with a new fave.

  46. James Kennedy says:

    Milkshakes and malted milkshakes! Chocolate or banana.

  47. Smoothies! Lots of things especially drinks!

  48. Sarah S. says:

    Soup !! soup !!

  49. femto femto says:

    Different Dressing & dipping !!

  50. Fiona N says:

    I would like to make smoothies, especially avocado smoothie!
    Thank You for the great giveaway!

  51. lorrie mandanici says:

    Banana and peanut butter-ice cream shakes!!

  52. Douglas Houston says:

    Thick Chocolate Milkshakes

  53. Robert C says:

    Awesome blender!

  54. Susan B says:

    Smoothies! Frozen fruit instead of ice is best, more concentrated flavors!

  55. Barb says:

    I make smoothies, iced coffee, homemade mayo, and salsa.

  56. amanda whiltey says:

    i love making smoothies.

  57. Ann Marie says:

    Smoothies and milkshakes! This blender would look good on my kitchen countertop!

  58. CMC says:

    Oddly enough, I make my own mayonnaise in my blender.

  59. Amy Donohue says:

    I just started to make my own boba drinks, and this would be perfect for them!

  60. Tracy says:

    Green smoothies.

  61. Robin says:

    I love to make hummus.

  62. Kayleigh Larkins says:


  63. Sarah jau says:

    Smothies and juices !

  64. Amy Tong says:

    I love how powerful it is and so easy to use. 🙂 Can’t wait to make some smoothies!

  65. Dana Matthews says:


  66. Nancy Brett says:

    Smoothies and milkshakes! Such an awesome mixer !

  67. Alisa says:

    I like making fruit smoothies.

  68. Allyson Bossie says:

    We love making all kinds of different smoothies in our blender!

  69. Taylor Allen says:

    Mango/pineapple protein smoothies for breakfast! Good luck everyone

  70. Amy says:

    I would like to make our homemade versions of DQ Blizzards.

  71. Dandi D says:

    I would love to try making my own nut butters. I also would make lots of hummus!

  72. Julia Frank says:

    Melon with fresh paper mint and a little bit of brown sugar !!

  73. happi shopr says:

    I would start with a breakfast smoothie and move on to salsa.

  74. Sleepyheadedmom says:

    I would love to make some smoothies or milkshakes.

  75. saminder gumer says:

    i love to make smoothies and also dips.

  76. Nicole Robert says:

    7 Beans soup !!

  77. Tina W says:

    What I make the most are smoothies, but what I LOVE to make the most…. Pina Coladas!

  78. Emmie Victor says:

    Smoothies and juices specially Banana smoothies !!

  79. Jonathan Baker says:

    I love to make smoothies, but after seeing your salsa recipe I would love to make that! I love fresh salsa, but haven’t seen a really good recipe until now.

  80. Natalie J Vandenberghe says:

    I love to make fruit smoothies and blender cheesecake!

  81. Allison Steviie says:

    I love to make soups !

  82. ellen casper says:

    Fruit smoothies are the best

  83. Nancy Brett says:

    I love to make milk shakes in my blender

  84. Sadie B. says:

    MY blender is used most for smoothies.

  85. Sand says:

    I usually make smoothies.

  86. Cynthia Richardson says:

    Fruit and yogurt smoothies.



    i love making smoothies, and salsa in my blender!

  88. Nelli I says:

    I love mango smoothies

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    I like to make smoothies with yogurt and fresh fruit. I also like to make homemade salad dressings.

  90. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love making chocolate smoothies.

  91. Thomas Murphy says:

    I like to make milk shakes

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