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Andretti’s Super Tuscan: Better and better

Posted on: January 12th, 2020 by Tom Peiffer No Comments

When it comes to North American Italian style wines, there is always an interest in the Sangiovese, Cabernet-Merlot blends. Commonly referred to as “Super Tuscans”, these wonderful red wines, like the timeless French Bordeaux blends, are classics you will always savor. And to make it more interesting, every year, the North American Super Tuscans seem to move up a few notches on the quality chart.

2012 Andretti Super Tuscan

Even though the acreage allocated to the essential blending varietal, Sangiovese, remains somewhat limited, wine consumers keep asking for more. Fortunately, the response offered from domestic winemakers continues to be positive and we really do appreciate the results!

So, if you’re totally into Italian food served along with wines that melt right into it, and would like to experience a big, well-defined, home-grown vino, check out Andretti’s Super Tuscan. It will stand up elegantly to its Italian cousins in a similar price range, and as a bonus, provide an entertaining taste-off against the better ones that Tuscany has to offer.

Andretti’s dark ruby color complements a bouquet of ripe cherry, vanilla, spice, and traces of rose. At this price level, even a 3-year-old should be moving toward a totally balanced palate experience, and this one is well on its way. With a finish of soft tannins and spice, it sets up as an excellent peer for the better Italian Super Tuscans.

Which one to choose for a “fair” Italian stand-off vs. the Napa Valley Andretti? Try a Sette Ponti Oreno, as a benchmark. Total Wine will provide it at a similar price. No holds barred here. This represents a top shelf edition from the Old Country.

Right now, a hearty red sauce pasta pairing is excellent for either wine. As these puppies mature, they will pair perfectly with lighter sauces and selections like veal parmesan. Make a note to include foods like these along with the tasting.

Sure, this field of competitors may be a challenge to procure and set up as a tasting, but if you’re big into top quality selections with an Italian flair, you could be in for a real treat, truly a battle of the better vinos. Is America great? Judge for yourselves…

About the Author - Tom Peiffer

Tom has been an avid wine consumer and collector for over 20 years. This pastime has taken he and his family on many visits to wine growing regions, including Arizona. During these excursions, with the accompanying tastings and lectures, it became clear that there is no "magic bullet" wine. For each wine contains its own character, strong points, and weaknesses. Sharing these experiences to help anyone purchase locally available wines is his goal.

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