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MiniBites | Why I Love Sunny SnoBalls (and you will too!)

Posted on: April 17th, 2017 by Aiden 1 Comment

Are you looking for a cool treat? You may have heard about Bahama Bucks, but I want to tell you about Sunny SnoBalls and why I think it is way better than Bahama Bucks.

Why I love sunny snoballsFirst of all, does Bahama Bucks make homemade marshmallow fluff or even marshmallows? Does Bahama bucks have around 100 syrup flavors? Well, I’ve been there and they don’t!

The owners of Sunny SnoBalls are Diana Taylor and Chance Bowersox and they are very nice and have made combos that sometimes seems like a kid made up. They sound crazy but are delicious!

I have gone a couple of times and have tried the Spicy Mango which is delicious. It has tajin in it, Chamoy, a tamarind candy straw with a mango SnoBall. If you read my article about Takis you know I like spicy things, and this combination is a great combination of spicy and sweet. Another flavor that I have tried is their Peanut Butter SnoBall, which actually tasted more like peanut brittle and I loved it and I hope they don’t change it. I haven’t gotten any of my SnoBalls with their homemade marshmallow fluff, but I may have snuck a taste or two. You know something is really good if you risk getting caught sneaking bites from your mom!

Sunny SnoBall's Bubble Gum and Spicy Mango SnoballsSunny SnoBalls also has a “stuff it” feature for all of their SnoBalls which means it gets filled with ice cream. Unlike Bahama Bucks, Sunny’s ice cream does not freeze into the shaved ice. Sunny SnoBalls ice cream actually stays creamy. The ice cream they use is Thrifty brand and you can choose from vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or cookies and cream.

Ranbow SnoBall

My brother got a Rainbow Snoball with vanilla ice cream and marshmallow fluff

Sunny’s ice is a little different, too. It’s soft and fluffy and doesn’t ever clump up. It’s the perfect consistency which I think makes it taste better because you get more flavor with every bite.

This past weekend I went with my mom and my brother to a fundraiser at Sunny’s. The fundraiser was for suicide prevention awareness, which is very important. There was a person there from the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) who was providing information. I even got a bracelet to wear to help raise awareness. A lot of people came out for it and I was surprised to see how many people could fit in there. It’s a lot bigger than its seems!

I can’t wait to go back soon so that I can try their Pickadilly SnoBall, a crazy combination of diced pickles, chamoy, tajin, a tamarind straw with a hurricane flavored ice. (Don’t worry, there’s no booze in there!)

Sunny SnoBall’s treats are really affordable and start at only $5 for a small which is really more like a medium size. Its going to get hot and you’re going to be looking for ways to cool off, so I think you should go to Sunny SnoBalls!

(My mom says Sunny’s is locally owned and to support your local businesses!)

Sunny SnoBalls Location

Sunny SnoBalls | 980 E. Pecos Road | Chandler | 85225 | 480.786.9582


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