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Dining Guide | 7 Unexpected Spots For Vegetarian Dishes in Scottsdale

Posted on: January 23rd, 2017 by Taryn Jeffries No Comments

There may not be a more favorable time to be a foodie and follow a plant-based diet. The restaurant options available now are astounding when opposed to 5 to 10 years ago. Having so many vegetarian and vegan restaurant options is perfect for navigating dinners out, but what if you are eating out with hardcore carnivores? Some of your meat-loving friend’s favorite restaurants happen to offer complex flavors and unexpected vegetarian dishes that cater to you as well. Here are just a few of the best eateries in Scottsdale for vegans and the non-vegans that adore them.

7 Unexpected Spots For Vegetarian Dishes in Scottsdale 

Stax Burger Bistro

4400 N. Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale | 480.946.4222

When you first hear burger bistro, it is doubtful that you’re going to rush out to try it. Not so fast, though. Your meat-loving friends can fill up on a broad assortment of burgers, poultry, and seafood sandwiches while you can sink your teeth into their veggie burger. Combining scratch made quinoa and black beans creates an interesting composition and the guacamole and pico di gallo on top at a nice level of heat and texture variation. Add some corn on the cob, green beans or broccoli on the side instead of fries and you have a meal that you can truly feel good about, completely.

Pane e Vino

8900 E. Pinnacle Peak Road | Scottsdale | 85255 | 480.473.7900

When it comes to eating vegetarian dishes, pasta may seem a bit of a cop-out, however sometimes there is nothing more comforting that a rich, herbaceous bowl of noodley comfort. The culinary team at Pane e Vino are experts at pasta and Italian classics. Case in point, the capellini alla Pomodoro is an incredibly simple yet delicious dish. The sauce is packed with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic, and other herbs. Despite the lightness of the dish, the flavors are aromatic and soul-warming that won’t leave feeling uncomfortable as you drive away.

Pane e Vno's Capellini alla PomodoroSimon’s Hot Dogs

4280 N. Drinkwater Blvd. | Scottsdale | 85251 | 480.426.9218

Frequently, vegan hot dogs are reminiscent of cardboard and Styrofoam, lacking taste and body. Simon’s Hot Dogs is changing local’s perceptions about how a vegan hot dog should taste. Their vegan dog, on its own, is savory and has the proper structure, right down to that snap you hope for when biting into a hot dog. You can get any of their hot dog combinations (of which there are seven) with the vegan dog, but the Tokyo Madness is a crowd favorite. Teriyaki onions, wasabi mayo, and toasted sushi nori provide a coveted level of Umami and just the right measure of spice. They also have many other vegan items on the menu, even dessert!

Simon's Hot Dogs Vegan Tokyo MadnessCornish Pasty Co.

3800 N. Goldwater Blvd. | Scottsdale | 85251 | 480.945.1220

This lively hot-spot is popular with all diners, thanks to the variety of sweet and savory pasties, a variety of beers on tap, and . With such a wide variety of options featuring global flavors, picking a favorite will be your hardest decision. Of the 12 vegetarian options, there are 2 that come without cheese, so if you are avoiding dairy go for the veggie oggie, one of the original creations made up of Portobello mushrooms, potatoes, rutabaga, and onions. Another great option is the veggie chicken tikka masala, a combination of marinated Quorn vegetarian chicken, tikka masala sauce, green peppers, curried potatoes with a side of mint-yogurt dressing or tahini. They also have two specially created pasties each day, so be sure to ask!

Cornissh Pasty Co.'s Veggie OggieHula’s Modern Tiki

7213 E. 1st Ave. | Scottsdale | 85251 | 480.970.4852

Hula’s Modern Tiki is known for their outstanding Hawaiian inspired cuisine and while their most popular items are seafood-focused they have a few outstanding vegetarian dishes that need to be experienced. A definite standout is their vegan jungle tofu; a punchy entrée thanks to the aromatic curry sauce. The distinctive and unassuming flavors have a hint of sweetness and heat that confuses your brain for just a moment until your third or fourth bite when it catches up to you. If that’s not hot enough for you, the spicy tofu tacos aren’t so sneaky. The seasoned tofu packs a serious punch but the sun-dried tomato pesto aioli helps, just a little, to temper the heat.

7 Unexpected Spots For Vegetarian Dishes in Scottsdale_Hula's Vegan Jungle TofuAZ88

7353 E. Scottsdale Mall | Scottsdale | 85251 | 480.994.5576

AZ88 has been synonymous with epic food and people watching for years. When your friends want to meet up for cocktails and a bite, you don’t have to worry about being stuck with just crudité or French fries, there are several delicious options to choose from. Besides their hand-tossed spinach (minus the bacon) and four seasons salad, which are crisp and refreshing versions, the portobello mushroom sandwich will have your friends asking for a bite. The meaty mushroom is dressed simply with sweet grilled onions and crisp tomato slices which allow the uniquely seasoned “patty” flavor to shine through.

Arcadia Farms Cafe

7014 E. 1st Ave. | Scottsdale | 85251 | 480.941.5665

This rustic but modern café is the perfect spot for gourmet sandwiches, pastries, and desserts as well as specialty coffees, teas, and sodas. Arcadia Farms Café is the perfect spot to meet up for a quick business lunch or to leisurely nosh with friends. Your entire group can start out with the homemade hummus and spicy pita chips. While others at your table may move on to the crepes or crab cakes vegetarians have a variety of choices of their own. From the several salads and starters available, vegetarians will be happy to indulge in the wild mushroom, spinach and goat cheese tart that comes with an organic baby green salad. For a vegan treat, the Mediterranean melt (minus the mozzarella) is jam packed with flavor thanks to the roasted seasonal vegetables and herbaceous basil pesto. Eating clean never tasted so good!

This article was originally featured in the January 2017 issue of Scottsdale Health Magazine.

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