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Dining Guide | Family Style: 6 Scottsdale Spots To Share Your Food

Posted on: November 24th, 2016 by Taryn Jeffries No Comments

It’s that time of year again, when all of our friends and family from the other side of the Mississippi start traveling to Arizona to take advantage of our gentle weather. If you need a break from cooking or are just wanting to get out of the house for a while, there are plenty of restaurants that can deliver a warm, familiar feeling that comes from sharing and passing dishes. Restaurants that feature family style shared plates create a more social way of dining that is perfect for reconnecting and remembering all those great stories and memories that you can relive over a meal.

Family Style: 6 Scottsdale Spots To Share Your Food

Family Style 6 Scottsdale Spots to Share Your FoodCarvalho’s Brazilian Kitchen

23623 N. Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale | 480.563.1562 | $$

Family Style: 6 Scottsdale Spots To Share Your Food_Carvalho's Classic Feijoada_phoenixbites.comWhen it comes to Brazilian fine dining, Carvalho’s is in a league of its own. This unique restaurant is tucked away in a shopping center in North Scottsdale amidst a myriad of upscale and specialty shopping boutiques. The best part of this dining experience is the passion of the owners to bring the uncommon flavors of Brazil to their guests. The atmosphere is relaxed and the staff will always make you feel like family. And then there’s the food, you’ll want to make sure that someone at the table orders the Classic Feijoada. Its arrival at your table is a celebration in itself. You’ll receive bowl after bowl of individual components meant to enhance the dish and you and your guests will revel in your creation.

La Torretta Ristorante and Italian Steakhouse

16640 N. Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale | 480.991.2000 | $$$

Family Style: 6 Scottsdale Spots To Share Your Food_La Torretta Shareable Portions: phoenixbites.comDo you have a few family members or friends that are never fully satisfied with your dinner choices? Those days are behind you with one visit to La Torretta. The bright and inviting interior will instantly whisk you away to an old school Italian bistro. Their ample dinner portions invite passing the dishes around the table. Their Ravioli ai Funghi is delicate and infused with a floral bouquet by way of their light sage sauce. The Linguine alla Luciana is another light pasta dish that features calamari sautéed in white wine and then dressed in a spicy tomato herb sauce. The clean flavors are the star here and your guest will be too busy sopping up their sauce with the complimentary bread rolls to tell you how much they love La Torretta, but trust me, they will.

Oregano’s Pizza Bistro

3102 N. Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale | 480.970.1860 | $$

Family Style: 6 Scottsdale Spots To Share Your Food_Oreganos_Alfredo the Dark: phoenixbites.comIt’s a given that pizzas are meant to be shared, but this high energy classic Italian restaurant has far more to offer than a slice or two of their thin crust, pan or stuffed pizzas. Oregano’s pasta dishes are massive and always too much for one mere mortal, no matter how deep your Italian roots go. The offerings here range from the basic as seen in their Original Bollo Pasta and Italian Flag Lasagna. If you are looking for something a little left of traditional make sure to check out their Alfredo The Dark Pasta. This dish adds a little bit of the Southwest spice to their alfredo sauce with the addition of poblano peppers and a special blend of cheeses. It’s a decadently delicious blend of East and West.

Osha Thai Café

10953 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd. | Scottsdale | 480.767.1440 | $$

Do you have some serious heat lovers in your inner circle? The wild and eclectic Osha Thai menu offerings on their own are enough to entice any Thai lover, but it’s the varied heat level that will keep them talking, in between cooling sips of water of course. You have the option of stir-frys, curries, rice or noodles, with tons of option in each section. If you’re up for a challenge, the Thai hot spice level will be calling your name, but proceed with caution. For sharing purposes, you may want to err on the side of medium, unless your circle is the competitive type! No matter if you opt for the Evil Jungle Princess, Arizona Heat Wave or Pad Kee Mow the intricate layers of flavor will shine through no matter how hot (or not) you make it.

Persian Room

17040 N. Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale | 480.614.1414 | $$

From the moment you walk through the threshold of the Persian Room, you know that you are in for an exclusive and opulent dining experience. The menu here showcases shared dining inspired by true Mediterranean feasts. While the entrée options are massive and perfect for sharing, your best bet for an incredible shared experience are the combination platters. You can expect to feed at least three, possibly more, with the platters and have the opportunity to really immerse yourself in the cuisine. The Tour of Persia includes barg, Cornish, koobideh and gheymeh bademjan with Zereshk polo and basmati rice. The intense flavors of the Mediterranean are intoxicating and luxurious atmosphere and great service will delight you and your guests.

Wildfish Seafood Grille

7135 E. Camelback Road | Scottsdale | 480.994.4040 | $$$

Family Style: 6 Scottsdale Spots To Share Your Food_Wildfish Seafood Grille_Chilled Shellfish Tower: phoenixbites.comWith no open waters of note in Arizona, you may have your guests scratching their heads when you suggest Wildfish. If you’ve had occasion to dine there before you know that in addition to the impressive sleek and contemporary design of the restaurant, their seafood offerings are equally remarkable. Wildfish sources their seafood from coastal waters all throughout the US, keeping their standards high which help to maintain their stellar reputation. If you are looking to truly delight and possibly bewilder your guests, make sure to hit up the Wildfish’s oyster bar. You and your guests will surely be impressed with offerings like chilled gulf shrimp and the atomic horseradish that it comes with and the fresh and buttery Hawaiian yellowtail sashimi. The true standout here is the dramatic and extraordinary Chilled Shellfish Tower complete with Maine lobster, shrimp, oysters and jumbo lump crab. The presentation is awesome and the combination of components and accompanying dressings are a testament to Wildfish’s commitment to the best available ingredients.

This article written by Taryn Jeffries, originally appeared in the November 2016 issue of So Scottsdale Magazine. 

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© Taryn Jeffries 2016

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Editor and Chief Eating Officer of PhoenixBites, 2017 Food Writer of the Year (Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame) Taryn grew up in a small town in Illinois with a doting Grandmother who taught her the way around a kitchen and that food is representative of love. Her current quest is to find the love in local dishes and the chefs behind them. In addition to running all things PhoenixBites, Taryn is also a freelance writer, sharing her insight on the best dishes and where to get them each and every month.

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