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UltraStar Multi-Tainment Center Shines in Maricopa

Posted on: August 9th, 2016 by Taryn Jeffries No Comments

As a mom of two very active little boys, I have spent my fair share of time sweating in a park with noodle arms from incessant swing pushing. Just waiting for someone to say they are ready to go home. On top of that, I have spent countless hours at arcades, bounce houses and everything in between trying to entertain them throughout the summer and school breaks, heck even some weekends. Now, I am complaining a little, not because I don’t love my little people or want them to be happy, it’s simply because more often than not establishments that cater to children really don’t cater to adults. Sure, some Chuck E. Cheese and Peter Piper locations serve beer, but that can only get you so far. I need to be entertained too, and I am not a huge fan of pizza (don’t judge me). This is where UltraStar Multi-tainment Center steps in to save the day!

There is so much to do at UltraStar. I’m not kidding; movie theaters, bowling, laser tag, a special game cave and a massive game center. Oh, and great food at their in-house restaurant.

Let’s break it all down, since there is SO much going on in Maricopa! (Who knew??)

UltraStar Multi-Tainment Center Shines in MaricopaMovies at UltraStar

There are 12 all-digital theaters here that feature HD and 3-D films. One of the coolest features is that they have D-BOX motion seats. My boys and I got to try out every little nook and cranny of UltraStar and they are still talking about those seats! They add an additional immersion into the movie. Think of them like gaming chairs; when a character or the camera moves in a certain direction, so do you. When there is an explosion or thunder, you feel it in your seat. We saw Tarzan and there was some serious action happening and the D-Box seats made it an even cooler movie experience. You can adjust the intensity of the chair easily, which we ended up having to do for my six-year-old. Motion sickness is real, people – adjust accordingly!

No Kids Allowed!

Let’s say you want to take a break from the kids, the babysitter is on the way and you have an epic date night planned and want to steer clear of any tiny people in your crosshairs. UltraStar’s Star Class is an adult only level. It’s not weird adults-only but perfect for those that want to make sure to avoid any high-pitched chatter that can sometimes happen when kids go out to the movies. You can also just push a button on your seat and a server will show up in no time with a menu you can order from. They offer items like flatbreads, burgers, pizza and more. They also have a bar on this level and you can get cocktails delivered to you as well.

UltraStar Star Class TheaterNeed more privacy and luxury? They also have Star Class VIP Suites that can be rented. These are much like box seats at a concert or sporting event. They have a couch and refrigerator that can be stocked ahead of time at your request. If you’re planning on being hungry, you can set up food delivery ahead of time as well. Are you always feeling like the volume in the traditional theater is a little too loud (or quiet) for your tastes? You can adjust that in the suites as well. The best part of the suites, in my opinion, is the private bathroom!

UltraStar Star Class VIP SuiteHungry?

The 347 Grill is a full-service restaurant and serves up a variety of gourmet foods. From family-friendly favorites to something a little spicy for the adults. No matter if you’re under or over 3feet tall, you’re going to love their Mac & Cheese Bites. My 11-year-old was all over them and I almost lost a finger trying to get a bite. The exterior is extra crispy to match perfectly with the silky interior of the ooey-gooey cheesy goodness! It was a hit all around the table.

UltraStar 347 Grill Mac & Cheese BitesThey have some exciting burger options, as well. Whenever I see a blue cheese burger on a menu I go for it, without question. They have such a burger, but I was wooed by our server who raved about their signature burger, the 347 Burger, and I’m glad I was swayed. This burger comes with chorizo, pasilla chile, white cheddar, arugula, tomato and a chipotle mayo all on a brioche bun. The pasilla chile allowed for a slow easy burn and the chorizo really upped the flavor profile. This is a serious burger, one that needs to be savored. Great choice.

UltraStar 347 Grill 347 BurgerIf you prefer pasta or salads, you’re covered there too. Their Southwestern Bow Tie Pasta really intrigued me. The dish is comprised of bow tie pasta, a chorizo cream, roasted corn, hatch green chile, diced tomatoes, parmesan and a sprinkle of cilantro. They also have a Hatch Green Chili Verde, made up of tender pork and a hearty hatch green chili. I guess I was in an especially spicy mood that day!

UltraStar 347 Grill Hatch Green Chili VerdeMy six year old enjoyed the fluffiest peanut butter and jelly sandwich I have ever seen, while my 11-year-old dug into a cheeseburger from the kid’s menu. They both opted for fresh fruit as their sides. What good little people!

UltraStar 347 Grill Lunch SpreadSerious Fun at UltraStar

Ten Pins Down

Ten Pins Down is a 24 lane bowling center that is seriously high-tech. Whether you are heading in for a date or a family fun night this is the perfect setting. They have 16 standard lanes and eight VIP lanes. All in all, they can accommodate 144 bowlers at one time. They also have special packages for league bowling, company events or cosmic bowling festivities. They also have lane-side dining options and cocktail and drink service.

UltraStar 10 Pins DownYou can enjoy Cosmic Bowling on Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm until 10pm for only $10. You’ll be mesmerized by the lights and music and they even have a fun contest during the events. If you hit a strike when you have a green pin in play you get to spin a prize wheel to see what you win.

I always forget how much I love bowling, even though I am terrible at it. Both of my boys beat me with little effort! Go remind yourself how much fun it is!

Play ‘n Win Game Center

They game center at UltraStar features the hottest new arcade games. They employ a player card system so you don’t need to keep track of tokens to play the games or tickets to redeem prizes. The prize center features an array of possible winnings, from candy to electronic gadgets and everything in between.

Urban Arena Laser Tag

I’m going to be honest here: laser tag gives me anxiety, but my boys love it. Since I am a helicopter mom of the highest order, I had to go in with them the first time they played. The area is two-stories and about 3,000 square feet. There are lots of little nooks and crannies to hide in and stalk your victims. The kids ended up turning on me as soon as we entered the arena and got a kick out of disabling my laser gun. Turkeys. They obviously beat me, you know, since I could never use my gun! I ended up letting them go in again, on their own, two more times and I’m sure they would have stayed in the whole afternoon had I let them.

Game Cave

UltraStar GamerCaveDo you have a gamer or two at home? The Gamer Cave at UltraStar is the perfect spot for a tween party. This one of a kind space offers comfortable seating, ample controllers and access to everyone’s favorite Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Wii U games. (You can bring your own games, too.) The private room can be rented for 2 hours and includes a party host and a soft drink bar. You can also include pizza and snacks on top of that. The room maxes out at 12 guests and my boys thought it was the coolest thing they ever saw. I now know where both of their next birthday parties are going to be!

A Little Grown Up Fun

Luxe Lounge is lauded as Maricopa’s best sports bar and night club. This West side hot spot is located on the second floor of UltraStar and overlooks Ten Pins Down (although they put up a barrier some nights to keep out the noise and distractions). The space features 14 HD flat screen TVs, four pool tables, Golden Tee golf soft tip darts and foosball. This lounge area is the perfect setting for catching the latest game or catching up with friends over a few drinks.

On Friday and Saturday nights you’ll find one of the hottest DJ’s in town. Just try not to get up and dance! Once you’ve worked up a healthy appetite, you can order a variety of sandwiches, salads or pizzas from their special menu. While they don’t have those tasty Mac ‘n Cheese Bites at Luxe, the do have Machaca Beef Nachos, Luxe Wings, Fry Bread Tacos and many more savory options.

But Maricopa is SO far!

Yeah, I get it. I live in the East Valley so our visit was a bit of a trek, but I can confidently say that it was absolutely worth the drive. The boys had a great time and have been asking me again and again when we can go back and I am actually looking forward to our next visit! There is something for everyone here and it’s the perfect place to multi-task. Let the kids go play laser tag or video games while you bowl or play pool. Then go catch a movie and enjoy dinner at 347 after. Make an entire family fun day out of it, ignore the mileage!

**We would never try to trick you! I was invited with my boys to check out everything that UltraStar has to offered, but just because we were comped doesn’t mean that my thoughts and re-cap aren’t genuine. My boys didn’t know and they had the best day ever (promise – they keep reminding me!) Check out our Disclosure Policy for more information. **

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