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Cuisine & Wine Bistro: The Restaurant That Family Built

Posted on: June 14th, 2016 by Taryn Jeffries 1 Comment

Your navigational device will direct you to a non-descript strip mall. You’re going to wonder how you can expect to find a fine dining restaurant here. Have faith. Cuisine & Wine Bistro is a hidden gem, waiting to wow you from the food to the service.

Cuisine & Wine Bistro- The Restaurant That Family BuiltThe owners, Fabrice and Mairead Buschtetz, have carved out something phenomenal in this space. The restaurant is a testament to their family, their bond, and their love story. Mairead will tell you that Chef Fabrice won her over with a plate of eggs in France. They have come a long way since that egg dish, not only in their relationship but in their careers as well. Their travels and culinary adventure led them to many places, finally settling in Arizona. There was talk of planting themselves in Florida. Thankfully they found it spoiled with too many bugs and not hospitable for riding. (Motorcycles are a passion the couple shares.) The Gilbert community should be ever-so-thankful for our lack of large mosquitos.

When the couple first arrived in Arizona, getting back in the kitchen was not the main aim. They opened up an auto shop, Desert Car Care McQueen, and settled into their lives here. It didn’t take long before Fabrice felt the call. The couple looked at several locations and nothing seemed right. They had their eyes on an already occupied location. They pined after it for awhile and then, like the magic of their love story, it became available. That location currently houses their dream restaurant. I am tickled that it is just a short walk from my house!

While Gilbert is currently experiencing an influx of new restaurants, there is a lack of French representation. It’s really okay, though. We have Cuisine & Wine Bistro, and they would be hard to top.

The restaurant features many windows that create a warm and inviting space during daylight. Once dusk hits, you’re swaddled by the rustic wood and stone bar to experience a more romantic and sexy vibe. The tables are appropriately spaced, creating intimacy for couples without being too crowded. You won’t be distracted by your neighbor’s conversations. The artwork throughout invokes a fresh, lively feeling. Their patio is also very inviting, to both humans and canines.

The focal point of the dining room is the bar, and if you’re lucky, the couple’s son Killian, will be there. He’s not only nice to look at, with a great accent to boot, he’s also the perfect person the lead their beverage program. Though not a professionally trained sommelier, he is gifted. Just a quick conversation and he’ll have the perfect libation selected for your dinner.

The same care shows in the service. Daughter, Laura, as well as the other service staff, are perfectly dressed, informed, and attentive. Since its mostly a family affair, everyone is well versed on the menu and happy to help with suggestions. You’ll find Mairead stopping at tables throughout the dining room. If there were a Mayor of CWB, she has certainly earned that title. She has a calming Irish brogue and a generous and honest laugh that can be heard no matter your location. Chef Fabrice is the talent, but Mairead is definitely the heart.

The kitchen is tucked away, out of site, allowing for a distraction-free experience for Chef Fabrice and his son Steven. The menu reflects the couple’s journey as well as Chef’s lineage. It is not an overwhelming selection of items. These  dishes are a true representation of the Chef and perfectly crafted. There is a focus on grilled meats. I have tried several options and each one seemed more perfect than the last. No matter the protein, it will arrive in an awe-inspiring presentation and flavor that will delight you. Chef Fabrice is a master at sauces and his pride in his creations shines through in all of his dishes.

Cuisine & Wine Bistro Entrees

I have been a few times and, as I stated, tried several dishes. Instead of poring over each one, here are a few of my favorites.

Magret de Canard

Cuisine & Wine Bistro- Magret de CanardIt would be ridiculous and irresponsible of me to not talk about the duck, or rather the Magret de Canard. I had no idea that I was a duck person but like with all things Chef Fabrice, the sauce sealed my fate. The Sauce a l’Orange et Grand Marnier is a rich, sweet sauce. The Moulard duck breast is not something that you’re likely to find in your local grocery store. These ducks are special, a cross between a White Pekin and a Muscovy duck. The resulting flavor is richer and deeper than what you’re accustomed to.

The sauce used here is a genius pairing. The citrus flavor matched with the subtle sweetness pairs with the rich duck. I will not kid you here, had I been alone, I would have licked the plate. The dish arrives with their signature duchesse potato and a delightful roasted tomato. I’ve lived my whole life feeling that mashed potatoes were the perfect potato delivery system. I stand corrected; all potatoes should be duchesse potatoes. I might start a petition.

Entrecote Grillee Beurre Reduction Vin Rouge

Cuisine & Wine Bistro- Entrecote Grillee Beurre Reduction Vin RougeBetween my and my husbands MidWest blood running through our veins, a steak was a no-brainer. If you read “grilled Angus ribeye, with wine and shallot butter served with cubed potatoes and a green salad, would you be prepared for this?

That’s precisely what will arrive and take up more than half your table when you order the Entrecote Grillee Beurre Reduction Vin Rouge. It is beautiful, massive and marvelous. The 14-ounce rib eye was the perfect temperature and had the perfect ratio of char and silky fat marbling. The wine and shallot butter was seasoned well and melted at the perfect speed, ensuring every bit of coverage desired in each delicate bite. The cubed potatoes were lightly dusted with salt and herbs. They had a crisp outer coating that protected the pillowy soft potato inside.

Cuisine & Wine Bistro Desserts

Cuisine & Wine Bistro- Souffle Au ChocolatWe dined like French provincial royalty and we followed Marie Antoinette’s calling and indulged in our fair share of cake. The Souffle Au Chocolat to be exact. If someone tells you that chocolate is chocolate, stop talking to them. They are not your friend. This souffle is made with high-quality Belgian chocolate and is light, airy and a melty masterpiece. It is clear that the Buschtetz’s are trying to fatten up their customers. This is exhibited by the vanilla ice cream and bruleed fruit that will accompany your souffle. The dessert is a clear representation of Cuisine & Wine Bistro. It’s decadent while still appearing simple and familiar. It’s full of flavor and creative twists that define the talent in the kitchen. It’s beautiful, much like the family that prides itself on everything happening at this restaurant.

The truth is that this restaurant is an overall experience, not just a meal. The entire family welcomes you in as if you were a guest in their home. In essence, you are in their home, where they all join forces as a family to provide a truly remarkable experience for your family. You’ll feel loved and doted on up to the moment when you leave and are walked to the door by Mairead wanting to make sure that you enjoyed your time there. The beauty of Cusine & Wine Bistro lies in its owners, who have created an exquisite dining adventure. You owe it to yourself and your palate to make the trip to Gilbert. You won’t be even remotely disappointed.

Cuisine & Wine Bistro is located at 1422 W. Warner Road| Gilbert| 85233. You can call 480.497.1422 for reservations or more information.

Hours: 3pm until 10pm Tuesday through Thursday, 3pm until 11pm on Friday and Saturday, Closed Sunday and Monday.

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© Taryn Jeffries 2016

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