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Dining Guide | 6 Spots for Ceviche in Phoenix

Posted on: May 15th, 2016 by Taryn Jeffries No Comments

We are now venturing into the month of May and prepping for all of the Cinco de Mayo celebrations around town. These celebrations are sure to feature Latin-inspired dishes. That mean it’s time to celebrate and what better way than with an exhilarating chilled serving of ceviche. The beauty of ceviche is that the base ingredients (citrus juices) “cook” the fish through acid and a little bit of science. This makes it a quick dish to prepare and a light and refreshing treat to eat. Here in the Valley, you can find so many variations, from traditional to extremely unique and modern. With so many interpretations, why settle on just one version? Check out our recommendations on hot spots for ceviche in Phoenix to see what your ceviche style is!

6 Spots for Ceviche in Phoenix6 Spots for Ceviche in Phoenix

Asi Es La Vida
3602 N. 24th St.| Phoenix| 602.952.1255
6 Spots for Ceviche in Phoenix_Asi Es La Vida_CevicheIf you are looking for a traditional and authentic experience, with dishes straight out of Mexico City, Asi Es La Vida should be your next restaurant stop. You’ll quickly find that all menu items feature complex and complementary layers of flavor, as do the décor, vibe, and service. The intimate space and the family run nature make it a great place to have dinner with family or a romantic night out on the town with your sweetheart.

Their ceviche is traditional and simplistic, though heady with a full flavor profile. You’ll find the usual suspects of ingredients; shrimp. Citrus juice marinade along some sweet onions that take a bit of the tang out of the citrus. The dish is adorned with avocado slices and cilantro. There is not an abundance of liquid, allowing for easy delivery from bowl to chip to mouth!

Buck & Rider
4225 E. Camelback Road| Phoenix| 602.346.0110
6 Spots for Ceviche in Phoenix_Buck and Rider_CevicheBuck & Rider’s interior and exterior bring about the feeling that you are in a beachside house and the menu further instills that beach life vibe. You’ll find a strong focus on seafood and raw bar items. All items are extremely fresh and perfectly prepared, along with cleverly crafted cocktails.

A seafood-focused restaurant should certainly deliver on a perfectly executed ceviche and B & R does not disappoint. The creamy texture and slight sweetness of the red snapper are the perfect match for the acidic citrus flavors, creamy avocado, tart cherry tomato and biting red onion. The larger pieces of cucumber add to the texture contrast and you can look, but you likely won’t find a more beautifully presented ceviche.

Hula’s Modern Tiki
4700 N. Central Ave.| Phoenix| 602.265.8454
We love how Hula’s represents a simpler and classier time in our history and how they have crafted their menu, food and beverage alike, to reflect the classic flavors of the 50’s and 60’s with modern elevations here and there. The fusion of Polynesian and American flavors is unique and beloved by patrons.

Their Hawaiian ceviche takes on a new flavor with the incorporation of coconut milk, adding a touch of sweetness to the fresh white fish, citrus juices, chili, cilantro, and garlic. The end result is a more sturdy ceviche than you might find at other spots, with the majority of the juices being absorbed into the white fish. The special won ton chips served alongside your ceviche provide an additional texture contrast, making this a dish you won’t soon forget.

Joyride Taco House
5202 N. Central Ave.| Phoenix| 602.274.8226
6 Spots for Ceviche in Phoenix_Joyride Taco House_CevicheThe vibrant interior and upbeat rhythms will draw you into Joyride Taco House and the fresh menu offerings will have you coming back with more and more friends upon each new visit. The vibe and flavors contained here are something that you just can’t keep to yourself. The bar offerings, specifically their specialty crafted margaritas, will keep you planted and refreshed and you’ll want to order just about everything on the menu to share amongst your table.

You may need to order an extra serving of the ceviche because it’s good enough to not want to share. The slightly sweet shrimp is consolidated with a combination of pico, avocado, and lime juice. The unique addition to this ceviche is the jicama which plays into the sweetness and the bite of the onions and peppers. Grab your chips and a corner of the table and try to defend off your curious table mates!

Otro Café
6035 N. 7th St.| Phoenix| 602.266.0831
6 Spots for Ceviche in Phoenix_Otro Cafe_Ceviche de CameronThe name alone, the Spanish word for other, invites diners to indulge in something a little unexpected. A departure from the on-almost-every-corner-Mexican-restaurant. The portions and service are always on point. Bonus: the menu boasts all day breakfast for those of you in need of mid-day chilaquiles. With two different ceviches on the menu, you’re sure to find one pleasing to your particular palate.

The traditional ceviche de Cameron features wild Mexican shrimp marinated in lime juice and garlic. It’s then taken up a notch with some Homeboy’s jalapeno hot sauce, pico and then garnished with olive oil, jicama, and cucumber. Your alternate ceviche is the ceviche de Pescado. You’ll get an amalgamation of red snapper in the same marinade and then accompanied by cucumbers, windmill tomatoes, serrano chiles, sliced radishes, red onion, cilantro, and basil. Both dishes provide a unique take on the traditional while imparting new flavors and beautiful presentation.

Salvadoreno Restaurant
8911 N. Central Ave.| Phoenix| 602.870.2955
When done right you cannot beat the charm of a successful family run business and Salvadoreno is excelling at charm. They offer some of the best Salvadorian food in the Valley. Just ask anyone that has ever tried one of their immense and authentic pupusas! You’ll always receive ample portions and great service. If you’re new to Salvadorian cuisine, the staff will be more than happy to walk you through the dishes.

Their ceviche de Cameron is a salad of sorts, which eliminates the need for chips. Gather up your fork and dig into the perfectly marinates shrimp with pico and cilantro. Make sure to grab your spoon so you don’t miss one drop of the flavorful juices left behind.

This article was originally featured in the May 2016 issue of Uptown Magazine, where Taryn is a monthly contributor.

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