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You Didn’t Stand a Chance, Kid.

Posted on: February 16th, 2011 by Rodney Hartwig No Comments

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“O.M.G. So Tasty. There your article is done.”  This was the advice I was given by my cousin when we were trying out the new Sin City Smashburger.

And I considered that being the entirety of my writing. Why not? Then I thought, what the hell, why not just write about it. So I did.

When I walked into Smashburger to eat the Sin City Smashburger, I did so with a clear plan. This was not to be just any trip for a burger. This was to be a Smashburger throwdown of epic proportions. A battle for bragging rights. You see, there is already a specialty burger available in Phoenix, called the Arizona Smashburger, but now for a limited time engagement, here came the Sin City variety to challenge for supremacy. I was determined to declare a winner.

The Incumbent

It is no secret that I love southwestern food and am an Arizona native, so I rather enjoy the Arizona Smashburger. What is the Arizona Smashburger? Well:

  • 1/3 or 1/2 lb Patty
  • Habanero cheese
  • Guacamole
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Onion
  • Chipotle Mayo
  • Fresh Jalapeños
  • on a Chipotle Bun

Not quite the ring of twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesonionsonasesameseedbun but nonetheless and impressive representation of what a burger in Arizona should be. As you can imagine, this burger packs a punch. My first thought upon biting in was that it was simply straight heat. Habaneros, chipotles, jalapeños (I know I know) all combined to bring the fire. After the initial kick, I realized just how much was on this burger. The toppings were all over the place, the guac was dripping, it was like a face party and I was invited.

The Challenger

What exactly does the Sin City Smashburger bring to the table? This was, to me, the ultimate in no frills burgers. It has everything I would be craving when I woke up in Vegas with no idea of what happened the night before. (but more on that later):

  • 1/3 or 12 lb Certified Angus Beef patty
  • a fried egg
  • applewood smoked bacon
  • melted American cheese
  • grilled and haystack onions
  • signature smash sauce.
  • on an egg bun

This was a burger that was simply all business. Meat. Egg. Grease. That is what I tasted, and it was sooo good. There were no veggies getting in the way here, no frills just simple indulgence. As much as I tried to give each burger equal time, this burger just kept. pulling. me. back.

In the end, for me it was no contest. Whereas I was slightly overwhelmed by the amount of… everything, on the Arizona burger, I really couldn’t taste the actual burger for all the trees, the Sin City burger struck me as having a clean, simple purpose, the exact kind of burger you would desire after an all night bender. The Sin City burger flopped Quad Aces while the Arizona burger was left holding 7-2 off-suit.


Shortly after tasting these burgers, I found myself on the Strip in Las Vegas. Knowing that I would need a good remedy eventually, I checked to see where the Smashburger was on the Strip. Travesty! There is no Smashburger anywhere within walking distance. SMASHBURGER! get on this!!

A special thanks to @PhoenixBites and @SmashburgerPHX for their generosity in allowing my family and I to attend the special VIP tasting event for the Sin City Smashburger.

Announcement by Rodney Hartwig, Adventures in Cuisine

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Rodney Hartwig is a Phoenix native currently living in Portland, OR. He sometimes eats crazy amounts of food, and always enjoys it. When he is not writing for Phoenix Bites, he is wondering what he will write next, eating, or running half marathons. Follow him on twitter at @thatrodneyguy.

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