Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge Now Open at Scottsdale Quarter

Posted on: January 17th, 2011 by Taryn Jeffries 1 Comment

Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge, the much-anticipated nightlife jewel of Scottsdale Quarter, has officially popped its cork ushering in a new destination for social decadence by day and glass-clinking debauchery after dark. Complete with a never-ending list of festive bubbles, tea service fit for a queen, and even a members-only social club and private VIP entrance, Narcisse makes the oft-desired decadence of socializing and swilling champagne an accessible and everyday art form.

Narcisse is the world’s first champagne house and tea lounge featuring over 200 varietals of bubbles ranging in price from $6 to $750, 75 of which are available by the glass, a full vivacious bar with signature cocktails and a bold list of stills, and a chef-driven menu created by Executive Chef Nate Woods (formerly of Fox Restaurant Concepts) featuring progressive cuisine, raw bar and caviar service. The high-energy nightlife scene is quirkily juxtaposed with a modern afternoon tea featuring a comprehensive selection of brews including intriguing flavors like pomegranate, blackberry, and raspberry nectar along with a variety of tea sandwiches, pastries and traditional accoutrements served daily starting at 2pm. The seasonal tapas-style full menu features dishes like White Prawns with sweet and sour papaya, mint and chile ($13) and Albacore Sashimi with carmelized yuzu, avocado and fried garlic ($11) and is available all day for afternoon bites and dinner.

Entertainment entrepreneurs Tom Zummo and Todd Rosenbaum designed Narcisse to inject a dose of glamour and fun into the North Scottsdale nightlife scene. With its 6,500 sq. ft.  second-story space, Narcisse offers stunning interior features that intermingle genres of stately old world opulence and the nuances of modern charm. Features include a state-of-the-art sound system, a distinctive “frozen champagne” bar, bubble chandeliers, outdoor terrace and patio space, two mezzanine VIP areas and Las Vegas-inspired whimsical design details throughout.
“Champagne and tea are experiences that have typically been reserved only for special occasions and that’s exactly what we set out change when creating Narcisse,” said owner Tom Zummo. “We want to take the stuffiness out of champagne and tea and make it a sexy, fun and affordable luxury that can be enjoyed in an upbeat and eccentric atmosphere that caters to all the senses,” he said.

Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge is now open daily, Monday-Thursday 2pm-late, Friday and Saturday from 2pm-2am. Tea time is 2pm-5pm Monday through Friday. Dinner and VIP reservations are suggested.

For more information about Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge, visit

Narcisse Champagne and Tea Lounge | 15257 N. Scottsdale Road | Scottsdale, AZ

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One Response

  1. Justin says:

    Was at Narcisse last night with my wife and had one of the rudest encounters with the manger/bouncer that I could possibly imagine. My wife and I were excited to try this place as we live in North Scottsdale and wanted some new places to go. Got there early after dinner and sat down at the bar for a glass of wine. We had been at the bar about 45 minutes and just ordered our 2nd glass of wine. My wife went to the bathroom and while I was sitting at the bar the bouncer came over to me and told me I could no longer sit where I had been sitting and was going to remove my bar stools at the bar.

    I told him I thought that was rude, that my wife and I don’t want to stand with our wine and that we didn’t see the need to remove us from our seats. At that moment without any explanation….. seriously…. no more conversation other than those few words…. he told me my choice was to get off the stools or leave the bar. I looked at him like he was nuts. I had never been talked to that way in any establishment. I told him I didn’t quite understand why he would want me to leave the bar for discussing that I was not satisfied with him pulling bar stools away from me, while my wife and I were drinking $18 glasses of wine. He never offered to relocate me, offer me a drink for any inconvenience. He just told me the bar stools no longer work here as the bar gets crowded and to get up.

    At that point he removed the stools from underneath me and took them away. The bartender – who up till that point had given us great service, asked me if I was “ok”. I told him no I was upset that the ****head bouncer was treating us like that. At that point, one of the other bouncers heard my complaint…yes complaint…. and both bouncers came back and said I was no longer welcome at the bar. So far I had not raised my voice, was not causing a scene was literally trying to discuss why I was being treated so poorly. The bouncer threatened to call the cops on me. Which I told him to do as I have not done anything wrong and already told him I would leave as soon as my wife returned from the bathroom. I also asked for my credit card back and the drinks to be removed from my tab that had just been poured. I don’t think I should pay for $18 glasses of wine that I didn’t get to drink because the bouncer has a god complex. My card was handed back to me at that time, without them voiding the transaction…guess I will be calling my credit card company. At that time my wife came back from the restroom and could not believe what was happening. As she tried to engage the bouncer to get information again he just told us to leave

    I then told the bouncer we would leave, but he blocked our exit and didn’t want us walking out the front door. He wanted us to leave by the back elevator exit. I told him…no… that my wife and I wanted to go somewhere else and didn’t need to be escorted out that we would leave without causing any issues. That was not good enough for them they surrounded us and made us go out the back entrance. The whole time we were in the elevator they said we were unreasonable and that I should not have called the bouncer a name. Seriously… treat me like that when I am spending good money in your restaurant and minding my own business and literally insult me for asking for some common service and some decency. It’s not like my wife and I were some obnoxious drunks. We are business professionals that were just hoping to have a good night out on the town. Obviously, we won’t be going back to Narcisse. As any new hot bar they will probably do well as “the place” to go, but I hope their run is short lived so I can get a new establishment in the Scottsdale Quarter that treats me well for my business.

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