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Eddie’s House, an Old-Town Scottsdale restaurant featuring an aberrant menu with items like Bacon-infused Meatloaf and Tuna Tartar Nachos, is home to the esteemed Chef Eddie Matney. Chef Matney is known for his colorful personality (if you get the opportunity to meet him, you’ll see why) and true to form – his restaurant reflects that same characteristic.

Eddie’s House, originally a dinner-only restaurant, opened for lunch September 20th. When I received an invitation to experience their new lunch menu, I seized the moment.

It was a warm, Tuesday afternoon when I visited for lunch with my guest. As soon as we entered Eddie’s House, we were welcomed and seated promptly. From the purple-painted walls, to the colossal prints of antique silverware, the atmosphere feels classy, but comfortable, with a few eccentric embellishments. Photos of Chef Eddie’s kids and his family adorn the walls and are displayed for guests to enjoy and reminiscence about their own memories.

Dining Room

We were seated at a charming table for two, set beautifully. Our server, Jennifer, immediately acknowledged us and took our beverage order. We both opted for Iced Tea and found that they not only serve traditional Black Tea, but also a White Tea flavored with Harvest Peach (delicious, sweet and refreshing). We enjoyed our drinks while perusing the lunch menu, salivating at all our choices.

I elected the Mo Rockin’ Shrimp with chermoula and asiago risotto ($13) while my guest ordered the House Burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, served on a pretzel bun with fetoush salad as his side ($10).

While we waited for our plates, Jennifer brought out their version of bread and butter: Crispy Lavash with a ‘Besto’ Butter. The ‘Besto’ Butter is essentially a blue cheese blended butter topped with ‘Besto’ (pesto without pine nuts). The Lavash was rubbed with Zaatar, a Lebanese oregano spice mix and was the perfect vehicle for the tangy, but refreshing besto butter. We devoured the Lavash while songs from Jewel, Kate Voegele and James Morrison played in the background.

Lavash with Besto Butter

Soon enough, our plates were presented, both warm and smelling heavenly. The Mo Rockin’ Shrimp was plated beautifully, the rim sprinkled with cayenne for a bit of heat. Moroccan is my favorite cuisine and this dish did not disappoint. The ever-so-slightly-spicy shrimp was nestled on a bed of creamy, salty risotto. The dish was so delicious, not a bite was leftover!

Mo Rockin' Shrimp

My guest was delighted by his House Burger, especially praising the soft pretzel bun. His side, the Fetoush Salad, made for a light, refreshing companion to the copious burger.

Eddie's House Burger, served on a pretzel bun with fetoush salad on the side.

Meanwhile, Chef Eddie stopped by our table (just as he had stopped at every other table) and chatted with us, asking our opinions on the plates. He was incredibly personable, down-to-earth and really made us feel welcome. He insisted on having us try a couple of his soups. How could we pass that up? Before we knew it, two bowls appeared at our table.

First, the Mediterranean Chicken Soup ($6) served daily. At first bite, I wasn’t sure if I was completely sold on this soup. But, it was interesting enough to draw me in for a second sip, and a third… and fourth. The Mediterranean spices and hint of cinnamon gave an unexpected surprise, but not one unwelcomed. After finishing at least half of the bowl, I was a fan. The tender bits of celery, carrots and onions pooled with bites of chicken in a good-for-your-soul kind of broth, made me wish for rainy days and cooler weather. This is the kind of soup that just makes you feel good and warms the body… try it on your next visit – you won’t be disappointed.

Mediterranean Chicken Soup

Second, was Chef Eddie’s soup of the day: Lentil soup with ham and chili flake, topped with macaroni and cheese. No, I’m not kidding… topping this hearty soup with good ole’ Mac N Cheese was ridiculously good. I could have this soup every day, all day. Genius.

Lentil Soup with Ham and Chili Flake - topped with Mac N Cheese

Chef Eddie explained this passion for food… and his determination for every one of his restaurant patrons to have a “celebration in your mouth”. He believes food should be worth celebrating, and we did too (at least, the creations at Eddie’s House)!

As if his generosity had not been enough, two more desserts were ordered for us. The Chocolate Chip Tiramisu ($10) and the Chocolate Pot de Crème ($10).

The Chocolate Chip Tiramisu was presented exquisitely with a bark chocolate cookie, crunchy toffee, raspberry syrup and chocolate chip cookie dough in place of ladyfingers. It was rich, sweetly satisfying and an interesting interpretation of tiramisu (and my guest’s favorite!).

Chocolate Chip Tiramisu

The generous Pot de Crème was promised to “take me to the other side” and it really did. Deliciousness in a bowl and every chocolate lover’s dream. It was richer than chocolate pudding, with more depth, but still delicate. The crunchy almonds that garnished with Pot de Crème really put this dessert over the top. It’ll definitely be a re-order on my next visit.

Chocolate Pot de Creme

All in all, it was a fantastic meal… absolutely no complaints. I’ve heard that Chef Eddie is often seen engaging with his patrons during mealtime, and seems to have a story behind each dish. The staff and Jennifer, especially, were delightful and so attentive. I would recommend a visit for lunch at Eddie’s House any day!

For more information and exact location, visit eddiematneys.com

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