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Grab a seat a the Perch!

Posted on: May 27th, 2015 by Taryn Jeffries 3 Comments

I dine out at restaurants a lot, I mean it’s kind of my job, and with so many fantastic restaurants in the Valley it’s not often that I make multiple visits beyond the review period. There is one place that I make a point to get to every chance I get; The Perch Pub & Brewery.The Perch Pub and Brewery

Located in Downtown Chandler, The Perch is a little oasis to the point that you may just get swept away and forget where you are. The lush greenery paired with the brightly colored, and sometimes very chatty, rescue birds create a very specific ambiance that is comfortable and cozy. Looking for an interesting spot to bring the kids for a relaxed meal? How about an interesting spot for a first (or 101st) date? What about a fun atmosphere to meet up with friends to catch up? The Perch fits the bill for any of the scenarios.

While there are spots within the bar area, I have always made a point to sit outside on the patio, allowing for a great view of everything and everyone around you. There is also a great looking roof deck area that looks like a lot of fun, though I haven’t had an opportunity to check it out since it’s not open for kids in the evening. As moms, we know that sometimes dining out with children can be a little stressful. You put in your order and then search for ways to entertain your little people until the food arrives. This is where all those beautiful birds come into play. Take the kids for a walk around the property to check them out. Each housing has a little note about the birds inside which creates a teaching opportunity; you can talk about the coloring, where the birds are originally from and the different sounds they make from the other birds there. Make sure that you make a point to stop by to visit with Luna and have a little chat. She might even dance for you.

If you find yourself a little thirsty, The Perch boasts 40 craft beers on tap, some of which are created on site with the direction of Brewmaster Andrew Bauman. Two standouts, though the options will change seasonally, are the Rosemary I.P.A. and their Belgian Peach, both of which are lighter ales. If you have darker tastes, you’re sure to find something to suit you and you’ll find that the staff are all really well versed on all of the offerings.

The Perch Brick Oven French Toast

Chef Matt Marlowe and his team have crafted a menu that pairs perfectly with their beers which are often incorporated into the dishes. I’ve been for brunch, lunch and dinner over and over and have tried something different each time. The Perch Benedict is a delightful take on the typical breakfast option; the shaved Black Forest ham and the punchy chipotle hollandaise create a kicky twist that is full and bright. The Brick Oven French Toast is presented more like a bread pudding and the orange crème anglaise takes the dish to a whole new level of delicious. The lunchtime Prime Dip comes topped with bourbon glazed caramelized onions that seem to be madly in love with the Swiss cheese and horseradish cream that they are one with creating a cohesive flavor and delicate mouthfeel. When dinner rolls around, don’t miss out on the Pub Mac. There are many add in options, but my favorite (so far) has to be the carnitas and green chilies. It burns, but it burns so good! You’ll find yourself pushing through the burn in order to not miss out on all those magical flavor levels. If you’re looking for a burger to put all other burgers to shame, I’d like to introduce you to the Sin City Burger; prime rib, butter poached lobster, white truffle, lemon herbed aioli and grilled asparagus. Oh, and then there are the gold leaf tater tots. The burger is like nothing I’ve ever had before. It’s incredibly decadent, with the ground prime rib and poached lobster transforms the ordinary burger into a work of art.

The Perch Sin City Burger

My boys and I love The Perch and we make a point to get there any opportunity we can find.

No matter your tastes, the time of day or the people in your party there truly is something for everyone at The Perch and provides a fun and interesting backdrop no matter who you’re with.

There's room for everyone at The Perch

The Perch Pub & Brewery

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