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Kara Glithero

Kara Glithero, Guest Contributor for “Just For Moms” on PhoenixBites, is a mom of two little girls; the bean, 4 1/2 and duck, 11 months. She has been married to her husband for 11 years now, but has been been feeding him regularly for over 16 years. She’d like to say that she is a stay at home mom, but most who know her know that that is a little off the mark. Kara works part-time in the evenings at a “well known” coffee joint and she teaches online high school in between play dates, diapers, skinned knees and quiet time.

She had never considered herself as one who enjoys cooking, unless it was cookies (that she could consume… before or after the oven), which never worked the best, at that time of the month! However, after hemorrhaging money her family didn’t have on countless meals out, most of which were not so great with a toddler in tow, Kara came to realize that she was going to have to start feeding her family – HERSELF. This financial realization coincided with her and her husband’s newfound effort to really know what they put into their bodies and their kids’ bodies. These two ideas gave her the drive to start spending more time in the kitchen.

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