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Looking for the best cities for trick-or-treating? We’ve got the top 5 from Zillow.

Posted on: October 21st, 2015 by Satinder Haer 1 Comment

With Halloween just around the corner, Zillow set out to find the best cities for trick-or-treating. We collected data on local crime, how close together houses are and the age of residents in cities all over the country. These factors were used to determine the safest cities, where trick-or-treaters get the best candy, in the least amount of time.

Phoenix ranked #5 in the list of top 20 cities for trick-or-treating! The other cities in the top 5 included San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles and Milwaukee.

If you’re wondering which neighborhoods to hit up, start in Alhambra and work your way down this list:

Looking for the best cities for trick-or-treating? We've got the top 5 from Zillow.

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