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Restaurant Review: Sushi Eye In Motion in Chandler

Posted on: August 30th, 2010 by Taryn Jeffries 5 Comments

I wanted sushi more than anything so it was my special job to find a great place to try out.  I opted for Sushi Eye In Motion.  It’s located at 58 West Buffalo Street in Chandler.  This is a charming little area right across the street from the San Marcos Hotel.  There are a few little shops and eateries there – though I would ignore them all and head right back to Sushi Eye given another opportunity.

Restaurant Review: Sushi Eye In Motion in Chandler

We were immediately greeted by Sue Cho, one of the owners.  She sat us and was very attentive for our entire stay.  The ambiance of the restaurant was lovely.  I could just imagine being there on a weekend night, the place buzzing, patrons sitting shoulder to shoulder at the sushi bar picking things from the conveyor belt.  That was by far the neatest thing there.  I have seen fancy sushi places on television and in magazines with the conveyor belts and thought of how cool it would be to go to a place like that.  Granted, we did go on a Thursday afternoon, so there were not a lot of choices on the belt, but I am sure that had more to do with the number of customers at the time than anything else.

The menu was very easy to comprehend for a sushi novice as it had complete descriptions as well as pictures.  My husband is inclined to think that a California Roll is what sushi is all about.  This was a really great opportunity for him to think outside of that box and for me to help him along.  He felt that the pictures were a great help.  They had so many choices of rolls as well as Nigiri.

We started out with the Calamari with Spicy Dipping Sauce as an appetizer.

Restaurant Review: Sushi Eye In Motion in Chandler

Calamari with Spicy Dipping Sauce

This was a generous portion for an appetizer and the dipping sauce was excellent.  It had just the right amount of kick that accompanied the calamari beautifully.  When Sue came back to check on us she informed us that all the sauces are made in-house.  She said that she couldn’t ever think of buying a prepared sauce, what would be the point she said.  I love that attitude and it was so telling about the purveyors and the level of quality and care that went into the preparation of our food.

Next, we decided to share one of several lunch specials, you can choose between sushi, nigiri, sashimi and maki combos.  We opted for the Nigiri Mix, which is the chef’s choice of 10 pieces of nigiri.  It was absolutely delicious!

Restaurant Review: Sushi Eye In Motion in Chandler

Nigiri Mix

There was a very nice selection of salmon, tuna, and yellowtail.  My husband was delighted with this new treat.

We also split the Booty Booty Roll.

Restaurant Review: Sushi Eye In Motion in Chandler

Booty Booty Roll

I really can’t say enough great things about this place.  The food was phenomenal, the service was fantastic and I would love to have the opportunity and occasion to go back on a weekend evening just to see how the vibe changes.  They have a very wide menu, so many options of rolls, salads, and a really great lunch menu.

If you are looking for a friendly atmosphere and some really incredible sushi, you cannot go wrong by stopping at Sushi Eye in Motion.

Sushi Eye in Motion / 58 W. Buffalo St. #110, Chandler, AZ 85225 / 480-686-8183

If you go, please let me know what you think!

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5 Responses

  1. Bethany says:

    I’m a sushi novice but after reading this review, I’m ready to give it a go!

  2. Leia Moler says:

    Awesome info — thanks for the post!

  3. Lexi McLean says:

    I completely agree! I eat here all the time for lunch! You absolutely have to try it on a Friday or Saturday night around 6pm. It’s AMAZING! The atmosphere is great, and it gives you the opportunity to try a lot of different things that you normally wouldn’t order, just because of the fear you may not like it and you don’t want to pay for a full roll. The owners are phenominal and will go out of their way to please their customers, which is a rare thing these days. I hope that you get the chance to go some time in the evening!

  4. Mike says:

    I have eaten sushi for over 20 years and I can assure you this is not very good sushi. It’s like saying McDonalds Hamburger is as good at The Keg’s steaks. I had seen this place for years and decided to try it last night with a friend. I will not be going back. The waitress was very indifferent , no smile , almost rude. , No Hello, No smile, just indifference. It was 6:30 PM and the place was empty so she shouldn’t have been rushed. I ordered Hamachi and Salmon sashimi and it was room temperature almost and had that oily sheen to it. The salmon was ok, but the Hamachi..it tasted a little off but I thought it was due to the temperature. Within 2 hours of getting home I had one of the worst cases of food poisoning I’ve had in many years. After reading many other comments, their service qaulity and allowing sushi to sit on the conveyor up to 2 1/2 hours (As the owner stated in reply to someone else that had a bad experience) has me wishing I had never gone here. So many better options in Chandler and Gilbert for Sushi.

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